Website maintenance

Keeping a website well maintained and attractive is important to all entrepreneurs in order to engage and retain customers. Entrepreneurs are often too busy to keep up to date with all the necessary maintenance. That’s why we offer a maintenance service to take care of all the maintenance of your website. 

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Website maintenance​

Let us take care of your website

Visitors form their first impression in a split second. A small mistake can chase the visitor away and cause your business to miss out on a great opportunity.

We offer three comprehensive maintenance packages that ensure that visitors get a fast, safe and hassle-free online experience. Managing these tasks can be quite time-consuming. As an entrepreneur, you already have plenty of tasks at hand. We’ll take care of the maintenance of your website while you take care of your business.

A healthy website​

Monthly maintenance or seasonal revamp?

At Let’s build That Site you have the option to have your website maintained on a monthly, or seasonal basis. Unfortunately, just having a website is not enough, it often requires a lot of maintenance to keep it working properly.

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We'll maintain your website

Maintenance packages

Basic maintenance

For entrepreneurs who need their website updated once a month
80 /per month
  • We'll be available for you 2x a month
  • We'll add your content 2x a month
  • Website functionality check 1x a month
  • Basic security monitoring 1x a month
  • Website update 1x a month
  • Website performance report 1x a month
  • Website backup 1x a month
Most popular

Premium maintenance

For entrepreneurs who need that right-hand man by their side to update their website when needed
270 /per month
  • We'll be available for you 24/7
  • We'll add your content anytime
  • Website functionality check 1x a week
  • Premium 24/7 security monitoring
  • Website update 1x a week
  • Website performance report 1x a week
  • Website backup 1x a week
  • Website speed improvement

Seasonal revamp

For entrepreneurs who need their website updated for the new season
226 /per season
  • We'll be available for the new season
  • We'll add content for the new season
  • Season website functionality check
  • Seasonal security monitoring
  • Website update for the season
  • Seasonal website performance report
  • Seasonal website backup
We'll help you anyway we can​

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